A biography of elizabeth cary the first englishwoman to write an original drama

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31 Janet Starner-Wright and Susan Fitzmaurice, «Shaping a Drama out of a History: Elizabeth Cary and the Story of Edward II», Critical Survey, p.

32 When used in this way in history writing, the present tense is sometimes termed the «dramatic present».

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Elizabeth Cary (c1584-1639)

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In the early modern canon, Cary stands out as an extraordinary writer, considered the first Englishwoman to write an original play, the first woman to write a complete prose history, and the author of the life of Tamberlaine, translations, and the lives of several female saints, among other works.

She was the first woman in England to publish her autobiography, the first to publish a biography of her husband, the first to write about science. In the duchess published Plays, a collection of closet dramas written while she was abroad.

Which is a point Cary Fowler, an agriculture expert, makes. In a TED talk Fowler gave a speech titled, One Seed at a Time, Protecting the Future of Food, discussing how we have lost almost all of the diversity in crops. Elizabeth Cary's "Tragedy of Mariam", the first original drama written in English by a woman, has been a touchstone for feminist scholarship in the period for several decades and is now one of the most anthologized works by a Renaissance woman writer.

A biography of elizabeth cary the first englishwoman to write an original drama
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