Horse salughter

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The Pros and Cons of Horse Slaughter

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Horse Slaughter

Horse slaughter is NOT humane guidance. Horse slaughter is the shame of the entire horse industry. There is no excuse for approximately one-percent of the U.S. horse population to be killed for human consumption overseas each year. Facts about Horse Slaughter.

Horse Salughter

The former US-based, foreign owned horse slaughter companies and a handful of trade associations that support horse slaughter have contributed to the continued export of tens of thousands of America's horses for slaughter in Mexico and Canada either by physically shipping horses to slaughter or by actively opposing legislation banning horse slaughter.

The Pros and Cons of Horse Slaughter By Paula Parisi August 1, Horses shipped to slaughter. (Photo Horse salughter the Humane Society of the United States) There are practical as well as commercial arguments that can be made in favor of horse slaughter.

There. Horse slaughter is a brutal and terrifying end to a horse's life no matter where it occurs. Horse slaughter is not humane and is clearly not euthanasia as the pro-horse slaughter faction continues to claim.

May 01,  · I was a proponent of the anti-horse-slaughter legislation until I learned what a monster we created with it. As wonderful as it would be to take every unwanted horse in this country and place it in a sanctuary such as one Ms.

Pickens proposes, the reality is that horses are simply too large, live too long, and are too expensive to maintain for any entity to do this. Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA). Habitat for Horses has played a part in several attempts to end horse slaughter and we will continue to do so until the slaughter of horses.

Horse salughter
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