My first dance recital

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The Night Before My Dance Recital

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Recital Theme Ideas from Your Fellow Studios

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Let the Teachers Begin.

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Jun 11,  · This Saturday is our seven year old niece's first dance recital. Please help me find an appropriate gift, or determine if a gift is even appropriate.

I come from a family where something like this would certainly deem a small gift, perhaps just a small bouquet of flowers. My husband's family is not.

When the recital was over, the dance teacher came up to my mom and exclaimed that she wanted to put me in company right away. Wow! My first year of dance and I was already put on the competition team!

My worst recital disaster occurred when I was supposed to perform a tap solo en pointe on top of a wooden stair box. It was a popular, if somewhat ridiculous. Celebrating a landmark event in the life of all dancers!

It's the night before a young girl's first dance recital. At the dress rehearsal, she and her class go over the steps one last if she messes up?/5(3). Find high quality First Dance Recital Gifts at CafePress.

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My first dance recital
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The first dance recital – Running Forward…My Way