The first missionary journey of paul

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Map of Paul's third mission journey

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Map of Paul's first mission journey

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Apr 27,  · This Bible History Daily feature was originally published in It has been updated.—Ed. Paul’s first missionary journey took him from Cyprus into the heart of Anatolia. Paul’s First Missionary Journey 4 d.

60 to 70 miles off of the Syrian coast. e. 41 to 46 miles from Cilicia in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) f. Two major cities: 1. Salamis, the largest city of Cyprus on the east coast of the island. 2. Paphos. The capital city. 2. In Salamis they preached in the synagogue of the Jews. 3. After the brief break from Paul’s story to hear about Peter and Cornelius, our Sunday School lesson is back to talk about Paul’s first missionary journey.

Have you ever looked at a map of Paul’s first missionary journey? Most Bibles will have a map of Paul’s missionary trips in the back. USING THE J B PHILLIPS NEW TESTAMENT Permission was granted to use the J B Phillips translation in this way in HOSTED with grateful thanks, by the Christian Classics Library - a "library intended to serve the whole church" - located at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

THANKS to Peter Ferguson for his detailed. Thus began the first missionary journey, led by the Holy Spirit (verse 4). Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark walked to Seleucia on the coast, then sailed southwest to Salamis on the island of Cyprus, where Barnabas was from.

Paul's first missionary journey ( A.D.) was the shortest, in time and distance, of the first three, but it was nevertheless a very significant development in the history of the new Christian church. It established Paul as a leader in the spreading of The Word of God.

The first missionary journey of paul
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Interactive map of Paul the evangelist's 3rd missionary journey